About Us

We focus on partnering with public & private sector firms to deliver solutions

“We have a renewable energy product or solution for everyone and every organisation”

Protek Power and Energy Ltd. is a technology company with key focus on partnering with public and private sector organizations to deliver renewable energy products and solutions to all sectors of society – individual, corporation, or government. We have a renewable energy product or solution for everyone and every organisation that will ensure constant, clean electric power for your home, office, or community.

Protek delivers products including but not limited to solar panels, inverters, batteries, solar water heaters, solar street lights, and rechargeable fans.

Our renewable energy solutions include solar and pure sine wave inverter solutions for homes, offices, schools, hotels, etc. We also deploy solar power plants for large communities.

Our vision is to be a significant catalyst to a Nigeria with constant, clean, sustainable electric power. The company also has interests in production and manufacturing of renewable energy products.

Our on-the-ground knowledge, cross-industry experience and ability to tailor and deliver efficient renewable energy solutions across all levels with the support of our technical partners to our market makes Protek Power and Energy Ltd.’s products and solutions a must-have across all private, commercial and government entities across Nigeria and other emerging markets in West Africa.

Protek Power and Energy Ltd.’s paradigm is based upon world-class, cutting-edge products and solutions, with efficient delivery and support.


To be the very best in all sectors of our business, and thereby build strong referrals from our clients.


To consistently deliver renewable power and energy products and solutions that provide constant and clean power as well as cost reduction for, and to the satisfaction of our clients.

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