Renewable Energy Power Plants



Protek Power and Energy Ltd. is a globally competitive technology company with key focus on delivering renewable energy products and solutions.

We build and provide off-grid and embedded renewable energy power plants for clusters, estates, commercial organisations, and government.

Our power plants are driven by solar, wind, waste, and/or biomass.

Key benefits of our power plants  include but are not limited to:

  • Constant and Clean Electrical power at Zero Cost to our clients.
  • Non-reliance on grid or generator power supply to charge systems.
  • Massive savings due to greatly reduced or eliminated use of grid (PHCN) or generators.
  • Systems can run as Complete Standalone, primary or backup power supply systems
  • Complete and Total Control over your power system.
  • Recurrent expenditure on fuel is practically eliminated.
  • 1 year warranty period. This can be extended on request.
  • B.O.T model available as approved.

Contact us:

Tel: +234 803 305 2203
MB: +234 817 840 1640