Inverter Solutions



Protek  pure sine-wave inverters are ruggedly efficient and stylish. They come in a range of sizes from 2kVA to 5kVA, and are guaranteed to keep your appliances powered for as long as you require them once fully charged.

They are chargeable grid electric power and batteries, and can be upgraded to solar by adding a charge controller.

We offer a standard extendable 1-year warranty on all our inverter solutions. The utility frequency alternating current (AC) produced by our inverter solutions can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network.

Key benefits of our solar power solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Constant and Clean Electrical power at Zero Cost to our clients.
  • Non-reliance on grid or generator power supply to charge systems.
  • Massive savings due to reduced of generators.
  • Systems can run as efficient backup power supply systems
  • Good Control over your power system.
  • Recurrent expenditure on fuel is reduced.
  • 1 year warranty period.
  • Lease Financing Available over a 12 month period. T&C’s apply.

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